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8 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Posted by Jessica Jacobson on
8 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

What are the benefits of drinking green tea?

A person can benefit from a cup of tea physically and mentally. 

Drinking the tea over the years has led me to explore the benefit of green tea, and lucky for me, tea lovers before me have done a tremendous amount of researches to demonstrate the benefits of green tea. 

I read a lot of scientific studies to gather this article, some are all listed below if anyone is interested in reading more about them. Some of those articles ask you to pay to view the content, just a forewarning.

Although those papers are not easy to read as there are tons of new medical and scientific terms I have never seen before, it’s important for me to understand the mechanisms behind the leaves.

If you are interested in learning the facts based on scientific researches of green tea, this is the article for you. 


Let’s get to it!


#1 Green tea may lower the chance of cancer

High circulation of the TNF-alpha gene in the human cell can cause a high chance of chronic inflammatory diseases. People with overexpression of such genes also have a higher chance of cancer.

Researches conducted an experiment where they fed green tea infused water to mice which had overexpression of TNF-alpha in the lung.

After 4 months of treatment, the TNF-alpha is almost untraceable in the lung area.

Although the view of green tea’s role in cancer prevention on humans is mixed(particularly because such experiment is difficult to conduct given each person's health history and genetic differences), time and time again, lab-conducted animal experiments have shown a positive role green tea has in preventing cancer-related ailment. 

#2 Green reduce inflammation in the human body

We all know that white blood cells play an important role in aid human health when we encounter illness and infection. When white blood cells are hard at work, it causes inflammation to aid its defense.

Although inflammation is necessary for the process of fighting bacterias and viruses, chronicle inflammation is bad for the body as this state lets your body stay in high alert all the time.

Over time, some serious illnesses can result from such a stressful state your body is at.

Study shows that the abundant amount of catechin in green tea, such as EGCG, drastically reduce the amount of inflammation in your body. Consistent consumption of green tea reduces inflammation and reduces the chance of serious ailment. 

Because green tea is such a great anti-inflammatory agent, it’s advised to drink tea at the right time, such as when you are encountering chronic inflammation. It’s not advised to drink tea when your body needs the necessary white blood cell to fight diseases and illnesses. 

#3 Green tea slows the aging process

Aging is a natural process of life, and all of us age as we go through life. Whether from stress, food, natural environment such as the sunlight, or genetic, some people age faster than the others. 

But did you know that green tea has shown to slow down the aging process? 

One important polyphenol called EGCG is an important factor in slowing down the aging process in human bodies. It’s been well researched to conclude that polyphenols in green tea reduce the oxidation in cells and since oxidation is one major cause of aging, a cup of green tea a day can provide a tremendous amount of health to human bodies. 

#4 Green tea reduces the risk of heart disease

Over time plaque builds up in arteries, and when the heart stops getting oxygen-rich blood all of a sudden, a heart attack can happen. 

A cup of green tea a day reduces plaque in arteries and promotes healthy blood flow in the body. The rich polyphenols and water break down the plaque, washes away waste in our bloodstream and opens up the arteries. 

#5 Green tea promotes weight loss

Although a healthy diet and exercise are important to fight obesity, a cup of green tea a day certainly aids the process. 

Green tea promotes thermogenesis and fat oxidation. EGCG in green tea breaks down the fat in our cells and increase heat in our bodies. 

The best time to drink green tea, if weight loss is your goal, is right after food consumption, as it speeds up the process of fat burning in our bodies. 

#6 Green tea protects the body from the oxidation of alcohol intoxication

We all know that alcohol is bad for our health, yet, occasionally we like to indulge in such pleasure. 

If you must consume alcohol, have it with a cup of green tea before or after as green tea has shown benefits of slowing down the oxidation process in the body. It also shown to protects the membrane from peroxidation. 

#7 Green tea keeps you in a relaxed but alert state

We all know the feeling of when we first start drinking coffee, the jittery feeling and unease when the caffeine hits our bloodstream. What if we need the alertness but not the jitteriness?

Green tea keeps your alert as there is a moderate amount of caffeine in it, but keep you relaxed at the same time. 

The rich polyphenols in green tea with the caffeine, help you reach a state of calm alertness. This is why zen masters and Buddhist monks are so fond of green tea above any other types of beverages. If you need to stay alert during a long period of sitting, such as meditation, green tea is your no. 1 choice. 

#8 Green tea reduces stress

Aside from all the health benefits green tea provides, there is nothing more relaxing than drinking a cup of green tea. It’s a beverage that fits almost all occasions. You can drink alone, or with companies, you can drink it when you are sad, or happy. You can drink it when you need a clear brain for important work, or simply lay back and read a book. Taking care of yourself mentally is as important as physically, and there is nothing more effective and convenient than a cup of tea. 

There are only a few things better than knowing you are always covered when you reach for your cup of green tea. 

What are your thoughts on green tea? Leave a comment below!


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